About Andrew

me!Hey everyone! My name is Andrew Garcia and I’m a third year student at Saint Martin’s University. I’m a Business Administration major with a concentration in Accounting and Management. I work for the Office of Campus Life as a Student Events Coordinator, for the Office of Career Development as a Peer Advisor, and for the Marketing department developing social media content. I also serve as the Executive Treasurer for the Associated Students of Saint Martin’s University, our student government. As you can imagine, taking a full time course load, and working in all of these positions means minimal free time, but, I love to be involved in my community and bring my stories, experiences, and culture.

I was born in Southern California, and moved out to Washington when I was still relatively young. I was blessed enough to stay in the same school district, K-12, where I met some of my greatest friends who I consider family today. When I’m not on campus (which is basically never), I love to be with my friends, playing tennis, listening to music, road tripping, or doing my ultimate favorite activity; hiking. My favorite hike that I’ve been on was at Crescent Lake in Olympic National Park. It’s over 10 miles of stunning views, caves, and tunnels. It’s a hidden gem in the PNW. Throughout my blog I’ll be talking about my life, experiences, and involvement around the Saint Martin’s community. Make sure to follow along! If you want to contact me, check out the “contact me” page! hiking

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I’ve played trumpet for over ten years. Band geek? Yes. Ashamed? Never.
  • I have an irrational fear of elevators
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday
  • Horror movies? Absolutely. The Conjuring is the best.
  • Anywhere I get coffee, I order the same thing – medium iced americano, no sweetener, extra almond, extra ice. Me, even more extra.
  • Over the last year and a half, I lost 160 pounds, check out my results below!
  • My dream destination is Dubai
  • I can quote just about every word to the movie Legally Blonde, “I don’t need back-ups, I’m going to Harvard!”

weight loss